Capsiplex review

Hot New Product!
Welcome to the wonderful world of Capsiplex, an amazing new weight loss pill that just hit the market. Used by multiple celebrities who swear by it for their perfect figures? In fact some of the most beautiful bodies in Hollywood use this amazing product, some of which are Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt and Britney Spears!
With a totally unique system Capsiplex features Chilli and Capsicum, a combination that the makers say can burn as many calories if not more than 80 minutes of walking or jogging!! Imagine being able to shed the pounds without having to hit the gym for two hours a day!

Another study found that people who use Capsiplex burn 278 more calories before and after a workout, than those who use nothing. That statistic should give hope to all those who hate the gym!

Capsiplex has been prescribed by many doctors for weight loss (and so many people get GREAT results!) But there have been a FEW reports about side effects. These usually occur in people who are allergic to chillies and chilli peppers, so word to the wise, if you have these allergies stay away from this product.
Is it here to stay?
It is only normal to wonder about new products, and be a little sceptical. But this product in particular has had over 70 reviews raving about its success! This to us means this could be a product that is much more than a fad.
But even after all these great reviews, we still thought we should give it a try, to insure the results. I am very happy to say that after only a few weeks I lost 1kg without altering my activity level or eating habits! Now that is something to get excited about!
Another interesting fact is that the makers have turned an extremely HOT extract (capsicum) and turned it into a great product. Although it may cause irritation if used in large quantities.

Would you buy it on EBay??
Perhaps it would be best not to, since some people sell fake pills online to make a profit, so stay away if you don’t know where your pills are coming from.
Good News!
Capsiplex has just launched a new product!! An appetite suppressant called Capsiplex Suppressor. The main ingredient of this new product is Methylcellulose which is always used in the UK to treat weight issues